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Aluminum alloy balcony guardrail is very important in daily life

Release date:2021-12-17 16:31:00 Release date:473

For families with children, it is very important to choose balcony guardrail. But many people don't know what kind of material is good and what kind of style is suitable. It is also a matter of caution when selecting manufacturers. So today I recommend aluminum alloy balcony guardrail. The following six points are the advantages of aluminum alloy balcony guardrail.

1. Standardized and universal design, neat, standard, beautiful and environmental protection;

2. It adopts national standard galvanized steel and aluminum alloy connectors, with scientific and reasonable structural design and strong impact and bending resistance;

3. Hot plating of main materials, on-site assembly, no solder joints, permanent coating, high-temperature baking paint, and the anti-corrosion ability is dozens of times that of paint;

4. The standardized industrial production line has the advantages of no pollution, high production efficiency and low cost;

5. The assembly is fast and free, without professional equipment and personnel, and the cost is low;

6. The surface is firm and permanently solidified, and will never rust and fade. The environmental protection and maintenance free of aluminum balcony guardrail.

Aluminum alloy balcony guardrails originated from European and American countries. They have been widely used as early as the 1970s. However, the use of aluminum alloy balcony guardrails in China has just started. Since the majority of consumers are still unfamiliar with aluminum alloy balcony guardrails, we Baoning guardrail manufacturer will tell you the characteristics of aluminum alloy balcony guardrails:

1. Aluminum alloy balcony guardrail adopts special spraying or oxidation, which is UV resistant, non fading, non yellowing, non peeling, non cracking, non foaming and non moth. The service life of aluminum alloy guardrail can reach more than 60 years

2. The aluminum alloy balcony guardrail has a welding free assembly design, which is fast and simple to install.

3. Aluminum alloy balcony guardrail is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the environment, which solves the problem of common products polluting buildings.

4. Aluminum alloy balcony guardrail has good decoration and rich colors to meet the personalized needs of different customers.

5. Aluminum alloy balcony guardrail has good flexibility, and the rigidity and flexibility of base material and glass make the guardrail products have good impact resistance.

6. The surface of the aluminum alloy balcony guardrail is treated by the imitation Tang porcelain process of electrostatic spraying, so that the guardrail products have good self-cleaning performance. The guardrail can be cleaned by rain washing and water gun spraying. For example, the price of aluminum balcony guardrail is new.

7. The buried installation method and anchor plate installation of aluminum alloy balcony guardrail not only save your building foundation cost, but also save land resources.

8. Aluminum alloy balcony guardrail has good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and damp heat resistance, which is suitable for use in different regions.