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How to identify the quality of aluminum alloy guardrail

Release date:2021-12-17 16:47:00 Release date:484

Identification of aluminum alloy guardrail mainly includes the following aspects:

A first check the wall thickness of aluminum alloy guardrail profile. It is really a thin-walled profile and cannot be used

B check the flatness of aluminum alloy guardrail profile surface, such as hollow profile, to see if there is depression and bulge on its four sides

C. check whether there is obvious twisting of a 6m long aluminum alloy guardrail profile. The twisting is too large to be used, because the profile should be straightened when casting aluminum window, so that the profile always has the original twisting stress in the window

D check whether there are open bubbles (white spots) and ash (black spots) on the surface of the profile

E. the surface of profile shall be free of crack, burr, peeling and corrosion

The surface of F profile shall be free of obvious scratches, pits and bumps

G profile is bent with two hands, with good twisting strength, and can be recovered after releasing It should not be too soft, like "noodle" shape, and must not be used

H two colors with different depths are not allowed for the same profile.

J put several profiles together to see the color difference. If the color difference is very large, it is not easy to use

K use a smooth hard object (iron object) on the surface of the profile to scratch gently. A white scratch is left on the surface of the profile. If it can be wiped off by hand, it means that the oxide film has not been wiped off. If the white scratch cannot be wiped off by hand, the oxide film has been scratched off, which means that the firmness of the oxide film is poor, the oxide film is too thin, the oxidation quality of aluminum is poor, and the quality of aluminum is related to many factors. The above is a very simple and popular introduction, It is mainly to provide users with a preliminary material selection basis for purchasing aluminum materials.